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HP Inc. Adds Another 101,000 Laptop Batteries to June’s 2016 Recall of 40,000

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Fire Starter; HP Adds 101k Combustible Panasonic Laptop Batteries to June’s Recall

As long as manufacturers continue to rely on lithium-ion to power consumer devices, it appears that Newsome Melton will continue to write about lithium-ion batteries going up in flames. After recalling more than 40,000 last June, HP Inc. (formerly Hewlett-Packard), added around 101,000 to their latest recall of defective Panasonic batteries, sold from March 2013 to October 2016. HP released a statement informing consumers that they must check their battery even if they checked before, unless a replacement battery has already been delivered. The expanded recall came after a new alleged incident of a laptop “melting and charring,” causing around $1,000 in property damage.

The latest potentially defective lithium-ion batteries can be found in some HP ProBook, HP Envy, HP Pavilion, and Compaq Presario laptops sold from $300 to $1,700. At the time of the recall expansion HP had reported eight incidents of a battery overheating that led to five reports of property damage totaling around $5,000. No injuries have been reported in connection to the faulty products sold across the country online and at Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club. The recalled batteries that sold for between $50 and $90 have bar codes that start with; 6BZLU, 6CGFK, 6CGFQ, 6CZMB, 6DEMA, 6DEMH, 6DGAL, & 6EBVA.

Recalled Toshiba Batteries

Earlier this month Toshiba expanded their March recall, which now consists of nearly 190,000 Panasonic lithium-ion batteries that can be found in 41 models of their laptops. HP first began recalling laptop computer batteries all the way back in October 2005. In each subsequent year recall expansions or completely new recalls have been made or have been carried out by HP. Both Toshiba and HP have been plagued by lithium-ion batteries, as have the entire consumer electronics industry. Just ask Samsung.

Owners of a recalled battery are being advised to immediately stop using the potentially dangerous power supply. HP released a statement stating that the laptops affected by the recall can still be used after removing the battery by connecting directly to an outlet. The computer maker is now offering replacement batteries (also made of lithium-ion) to affected North American consumers free of charge. Owners and industry insiders will be watching carefully to see if the replacements can handle the heat.

To see if your HP or Compaq laptop battery has been recalled visit:

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E-Cig Explosion; Iowa Man Claims Battery Exploded Inside Mouth [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

Exploding E Cig Battery_Vape Pen Exploded_Andrew Hall Claims Electronic Cigarette Battery Exploded in Mouth, 7 Teeth Knocked Out

Electronic Cigarette Explosion; Iowa Man Claims Battery Exploded Inside Mouth January 14th was a typical morning for Andrew Hall. He claims to have been going through his morning routine, getting ready for work, taking a few puffs on his e-cigarette when BANG! The day became anything but typical. At that moment Hall alleges that his […]

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Alleged Valve Stem Defect Leads to Class Action Lawsuit Against Fiat Chrysler

Vehicle Recalls, Vehicle Recall Alerts, NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fiat Chrysler

Alleged Valve Stem Defect Leads to Class Action Lawsuit Against Fiat Chrysler Seven consumers from four states (NY, NJ, OH, MI) have collectively filed a putative class action lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) over an alleged defect in some of their vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The suit, filed in the United States […]

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Product Safety Recall Roundup: January 23, 2017 |

Local Lawyers & Attorneys, Lawyers & Attorneys Near Me

Recall Roundup: January 23, 2017   Sophie the Giraffe’s Mold Concerns   For the past 55 years Sophie the Giraffe, a toy made for babies and young children, has been manufactured in France. The popular teething toy has garnered national headlines in 2017 for all the wrong reasons after a mother cut one open and found […]

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Toshiba Recalls 190K Panasonic Lithium-Ion Batteries Over Fire Hazard

Panasonic Lithium-Ion Batteries Can Overheat; Toshiba Recalls 190K After a long 2016, U.S. consumers are used to hearing about Lithium-ion battery problems leading to laptops overheating, smartphones going up in flames, hover boards burning riders, and electronic cigarettes exploding in people’s pockets. In the latest recall of the troubled Lithium-ion battery, which powers the vast […]

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Proposed Class Action Alleges BMW “Comfort Access” Unintentionally Locks Doors

BMW Recalls, Vehicle Safety

BMW X5 “Comfort Access” Putative Class Action Moves Forward Comfort Access Case: Quick Facts Case: Myers v. BMW of North America, LLC et al Case Number: 3:16-cv-00412 Court: California Northern Nature of Suit: Potential Class Action Lawsuit Date Filed: January 24, 2016 Companies Involved: BMW of North America LLC Vehicles Involved: BMW X5   What is the […]

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NHTSA Investigates Fiat Chrysler Over Dodge “Roll-Away” Threat

Vehicle Recalls, Vehicle Recall Alerts, NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fiat Chrysler

NHTSA Investigates 1 Million Dodge Vehicles Over “Roll-Away” Threat For the second time this year Fiat-Chrysler is under investigation by the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) over alleged incidents of vehicle “roll-aways.” U.S. authorities have once again found that the problems stem from the electronic transmission gear selectors, which have replaced traditional gear-shifters in the […]

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Cuisinart Recalls 8 Million Food Processors; Blade Parts Found in Food

Product Recalls, Product Safety, Consumer Safety, Product Safety Law, Product Liability

Cuisinart Recalls 8 Million Food Processors After receiving 30 reports of customers cutting their mouth or sustaining a tooth injury on a broken piece of blade while eating, Conair Corp., the owner of Cuisinart, has announced the largest kitchen-related-appliance recall in American history. The voluntary recall of around 8 million food processors in the United […]

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Yankee Candle Recalls 31,000 Candles; Glass Jars Can Crack When Lit

Product Recalls, Product Safety, Consumer Safety, Product Safety Law, Product Liability

These Glass Jars Can’t Take the Heat; Yankee Candle Recalls 31,000 Every day in the United States there are an average of 25 home fires caused by a candle related accident. Last week, Newell Brands, the owner of Yankee Candle, announced that a new line of their three-wick candles cannot only cause a house fire […]

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