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Side Airbags May Not Deploy Properly; Volvo Recalls 5,529

The Volvo brand is known for safety, but some faulty bolts, pins, sensors, and defective software have led to a series of recalls over the last year. Most recently, in February 2017, Volvo announced the recall of 5,529 of their vehicles over concerns that the side airbag, or the Inflatable Curtain (IC), may not deploy correctly in a crash. This is Volvo’s first airbag related recall since the massive Takata scandal. The automobiles in question were manufactured in 2016 and sold under the model year 2017 in the United States. At the time of the announcement no injuries were reported in connection to the recall.


VW Recalls 576,921 Audi Vehicles; Potentially Faulty Inflators & Coolant-Pumps Pose Fire Risk

Audi AG, Volkswagen AG, Vehicle Safety, Vehicle Recalls, Audi Recalls

VW Recalls 576,921 Audi Vehicles Due to Potential Fire Risk As Volkswagen works to resolve their massive 2016 diesel emissions cheating scandal, recalls continue to plague the company’s reputation.  At the end of January, Volkswagen announced 342,867 potentially faulty coolant-pumps may go up in flames and 234,054 airbag inflators can rupture, posing a fatality hazard. […]

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Takata Recall: Breaking News

On Wednesday, June 1st, during a news conference with Sen. Bill Nelson, our client Tiffany Vu spoke with the media about a fender-bender she was in that ended with doctors removing shards of metal from her body at a hospital due to a faulty Takata airbag. On or about April 14, 2016, Tiffany Vu, 27 […]

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Defective Takata Airbags Being Sold With New Vehicles

This morning the United States Senate Commerce Committee released another report as part of their investigation of Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata, which revealed that 2.1 million new vehicles have recently been sold with defective airbags. According to the Report, “Fiat Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Volkswagen all admitted to equipping some new vehicles with non-desiccated ammonium-nitrate […]

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Takata Update, Takata News, Deployed Airbag, Takata Airbag Scandal, Takatagate, Florida Airbag Attorney, Orlando Airbag Lawyer, Orlando Product Liability Lawyers

Already Largest in US History See Attorney Rich Newsome Explain Recall Here Orlando, FL – Last week officials with the US government announced a deal with Takata where they agreed to recall an additional 40 million airbags, bringing the total to 70 million. But in Washington, DC there’s a rumor that has been circulating for […]

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The Takata Airbag Defect: What Florida’s Consumer Advocates Need to Know. – William C. Ourand, Esq.

Takata Update, Takata News, Deployed Airbag, Takata Airbag Scandal, Takatagate, Florida Airbag Attorney, Orlando Airbag Lawyer, Orlando Product Liability Lawyers

Florida is the “epicenter” of the Takata airbag debacle which has resulted in the largest automotive recall in U.S. history. Unfortunately, all signs indicate that the severe injuries and deaths will continue into the foreseeable future. The roadways remain flooded with millions of vehicles which may still be equipped with the potentially lethal airbags. Moreover, […]

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Senator Nelson Blasts Defective Airbags

This week a sitting United States Senator picked a fight with several multi-national corporations because of the way they’ve handled a recent recall involving defective airbags. We were fortunate to have front row seats this week as we watched it unfold.

“You fix it and fix it right,” said Nelson as he made a three city tour across Florida this week, including a press conference in Orlando on Tuesday at our law firm’s warehouse. “This is absolutely unacceptable and absolutely outrageous.”

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Hyundai Issues Recall for 5,200 Vehicles Due to Possible Air Bag Defect

The airbag is one of the most important safety features in a vehicle. When an airbag doesn’t function as intended, its effects could be potentially dangerous. In January, Toyota issued a recall of nearly 752,000 Corolla and Corolla Matrix models due to a defective IC chip in the airbag’s control unit. The chip could have been distracted by other electrical devices in the car, and could have potentially led to an unexpected deployment of the airbags.

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